MyReserve Matrix


  • Ingeniously simple – the world’s fi rst truly modular battery system

  • MyReserve Command – intelligent electronics ensure maximum usable power

  • MyReserve Pack - compact battery optimizes system capacity

  • MyReserve App - Your home’s energy data – available anytime, anywhere.

  • German made -- design/developed/manufactured

MyReserve Command

Intelligent electronics ensure maximum usable power

MyReserve Command is the space-saving housing for the battery’s power electronics including connectors, sensors, and software. Everything is safely packed inside sturdy aluminum housing. These electronics ensure that you can use in your own home as much of your privately-produced solar power as possible. This reduces how much electricity you must purchase from the grid and ensures you get as much power from each ray of sunshine as possible

MyReserve Pack

Compact battery optimizes system capacity

With its outstanding battery effi ciency of 99.2%, MyReserve Pack is the most effi cient solar power battery in the world. You can rely on MyReserve Matrix to store energy most effi ciently so your privately-produced solar power is available exactly when you need it.


Whether in the offi ce, on the couch, or on the road – the MyReserve App or MyReserve Portal gives you access to your SOLARWATT MyReserve at any time, from anywhere. The intuitively designed app gives you an overview of the status of your MyReserve in real time.

The MyReserve App shows you at a glance:

• power generated by the rooftop photovoltaic system

• charging or discharging battery status

• fullness of the battery

• how much solar power used at home vs. send to the grid

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