Solar and Battery Storage Engineering Services

NeuTek Energy provides a broad range of Solar and Battery Storage Engineering Services. With a background in electrical engineering, solar battery storage engineering and installation, our staff have the necessary expertise to assist you and supply you with custom solutions:

  • NeuTek Energy can design, plan, project manage and arrange the installation of Solar Battery Storage systems. As part of the design we will perform a thorough site inspection and consider site specific factors such as orientation, tilt and shading, and how this impacts the design of the system.

  • We can provide detailed reports forecasting future power outputs, energy yields and expected financial returns and payback times. We will justify all aspects of the design, including the choice of components.

  • We can examine consumption profiles and recommend reduction strategies. Implementing recommended energy efficiency measures is an important part of using a solar power system, and our assistance with this can result in greatly reduced power bills.

  • Customise the design of Solar Battery Storage Systems to match your needs and requirements. . Depending on what you are looking for we can modify our designs and the components we select in order to achieve the shortest payback periods, best return on investment (ROI) over the system lifetime, or best energy yield, taking into account the latest government policies, rebates and feed in tariffs.

  • We can also help clients prepare tenders for projects and offer objective advice on which components are the best for the proposed projects, or make sure that their designs are fully compliant with all relevant Australian standards.

  • Once the system is installed, we can continue to monitor the system performance; and notify you of any failures/anomalies.

Battery Storage save up 95% power bill

Solar only reduce 61% power bill

To get the maximum power bill reduction, contact NeuTek Energy to design a system to fit your situation