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SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid

Award Winning German Solar Battery Technology

Use your solar energy 24 hours a day. Technology that is already thinking about tomorrow today. The intelligent solutions from SENEC for your energy independence.

Emergency power

  • Your backup in case of power failure

  • continue to charge your battery with the solar power in the event of a power failure


  • DC-Overvoltage protection one per MPP (SPD Type II).

  • Overvoltage Protection DC (PV) side.

  • Saves the unit when lightning strikes the PV panels.

Hybrid Inverter

  • Combined Solar Inverter and Battery Inverter

Integrated RCMU

  • Customer integrated RCMU (detects AC and DC residual currents)

  • Filters and detects AC and DC false currents to protect components from hazardous currents

  • Remote monitoring functionality with the Mein SENEC App

SENEC.Home V2.0

The electricity storage for private households

(no more stocks available for purchase and install)

Your Own Electricity. Always and Everywhere. Be your own electricity supplier.

Increase your power self-sufficiency to 90% or more. The SENEC Home V2.0 system is available in four different capacities to suit every application from a small apartment through to a full-sized family home or small business.

  • Retrofit to any solar power system

  • Small and compact

  • Quality German-built technology

  • Cutting-edge energy management

  • Pay less for reliable power

Multi-Award Winning Technology

SENEC Australia – New SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for New Product Innovation in The Australian Brand Awards 2020. The Australian Brand Award for New Product Innovation [NEW] recognises innovative consumer products recently launched to market offering a point of difference from their competitors.
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  • 10 years 100% capacity. Guaranteed thanks to Capacity Management System (CMS)

  • Battery and storage technology "Made in Germany”

  • Up to 20 years life expected

  • Free and extensive monitoring via web and app

  • Simple plug 'n’ play installation

  • Able to be connect any renewable power generation system

  • 1000 or 3000 watts of backup Power (optional)

  • Able to charge batteries of off-peak power

  • Cutting-edge energy management

  • Australian Service and Support

  • Pay less for reliable power

  • Engineered for 12,000 recharging cycles; that’s double the capacity of its main competitor

  • Able to be charge from the grid using off peak power. Allowing two cycles a day

  • Long-life maintenance-free Panasonic and Samsung Lithium batteries with high power density

  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and 20 years estimated operating life

The SENEC.Home Li is a new generation, home energy storage system that’s already sold 80,000 units to customers worldwide .

Its intelligent charging technology gently replenishes the battery power giving the system a life-expectancy of up to 20 years. Internet-connected, the system will also install its own software updates and let you track and control your energy usage via the SENEC smartphone app. All installations are by trained SENEC Australia technicians who also offer service and support across the country.

Senec.Cloud: Store Excess Solar Power to the Cloud and get it back when you need it

Take control of your family’s power supply. Now you can manage your own solar-generated power 24 hours a day.

Say goodbye to peak energy rates

Solar panels are great whilst the sun shines. But now, you can store that valuable free energy and use it whenever you want – even at night.

On a sunny day, your solar panels will generate more than enough electricity to power your home and its appliances. The Senec.Home Li gives you the ability to control when you use your solar power. Think of the SENEC system as a giant, rechargeable battery that automatically steps in when the sun goes down. And it’s smart enough to manage your power needs without you doing a thing. Around the time most people are stretching the grid to maximum capacity, you will be happily independent

Install a SENEC system, and your power bills will drop dramatically.

In fact, in an average Australian installation, you’ll be able to generate and store over 90% of your power requirements. If you need more storage, you can add up to 4 SENEC units to create your own micro-grid. Your SENEC system is also smart enough to supply electricity to your home when there’s a power cut on the grid so you can keep your essential appliances running even thoughout a blackout.

SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid

Become up to 90% Solar Power Independent with our new SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid. Now with a 20 Year Extended Warranty and Unlimited Solar Recharging Cycles.

SENEC.Home V2.0

German technology with full Australian service and support

The SENEC.Home.Li system is available in 4 different capacities to suit every application from a small apartment through to a full-sized family home or small business.

This customer was able to install a Senec Battery with an existing solar power system

The Senec Battery...

...connected by AC Couple to existing solar power system

Shown next to a washing machine, the Senec Battery is compact!

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