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Eligible Victorian households can claim a rebate of up to $2,225 for Solar Power Systems, $4,838 for Solar Battery Storage Systems rebates to be announced.

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NeuTek Energy is a CEC Approved Solar Retailer as required for Solar Homes rebate eligibility

Solar Power System

Traditional Solar Power Systems have powered homes and businesses for decades now, but the savings from these systems are limited by the daytime solar power generation being unavailable during times of peak power use and highest electricity supply tariffs.

Battery Storage Solar Power System

Adding battery storage to a solar power system lets us keep all that power we generated during the day, to use when needed, saving you money. Now there are more system types on the market than before, and consumers have more choice in what to do with excess energy generated. At the same time, power bills from grid energy supply keep growing. It’s a good time to install an expertly designed battery storage solar power system to get the maximum power bill reduction.

Solar Battery Storage

reduce your power bill by 80% or more

Solar Battery Storage range

Find out which battery storage solar system is right for you


Selectronics Ultra Battery